Download Latest Skype Full Offline Installer

Yahoo lost its rate of knots in the recent years due the better facilities of the Skype. The facilities of the Skype almost spread all over the world and due to the Skype the people get a lot of facilities.
On these days everybody use the Skype normally for video calling. Now the Skype is also use in our mobile handsets.
According to the report, “Skype mobile app usage is getting huge,”
If you are regular user of Skype for Windows, you might have notice that it is not that easy to download the full offline version of the software from Microsoft’s website. Here are the ways from you direct link to download Skype offline installer if you are looking for one.
Some ways to download Skype installer
1. Window 8 user has the freedom to download a touch-Screen friendly Skype app from the Window store. This app works on standard desktops too, but the cemented UI is more instinctive in tablet surroundings. Go over here for downloading Skype for Window 8 Metro; In fact this software is installed online. But then the design aspect, speed and small size worth a mention.

2. The traditional standalone Skype installer (compatible with XP, Vista, 7 and Window 8 desktops) is around 30 MB in size. The current edition of Skype as we are writing this is 6.7. Howe ever, you can always download the new version by copy-passing the URL given below in your web browser’s address bar, or by clicking the adjacent link.

3. Get the Skype full installer from Windows cache of you has already downloaded it online.

Download Skype Offline Installer